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Dokken Scent Kits

Product Numbers: FP2080, FP-2080, FP-2081, FP-2082, FP-2084
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Inject scent directly into your dead fowl trainer for an even more realistic experience for your dog. Will help your dog by teaching it to seek out a variety of scents. Scent kits can also help generate enthusiasm for retrieving during your training sessions. 2 fluid Oz of scent per kit. Includes scent injector for your dead fowl trainer. Please indicate your scent kit preference. Waterfowl, Pheasant, Grouse, Quail and Dove!

5 types of kits:
  • Waterfowl scent kit,
  • Pheasant scent kit,
  • Grouse scent kit
  • Quail scent kit.
  • Dove scent kits.
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