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Turtleskin Snake Resistant Hunting Pants

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Turtleskin® SnakeArmor has even made soft snake resistant pants for folks that prefer not to use chaps or gaiters.

Note: as of 7/26/18 the manufacturer indicated there may be delays based on increased lead times at their plant. We may still have inventory(depending on size or product) so please email us if you'd like to confirm. 

As you probably already know Turtleskin® SnakeArmor is about durability. These pants feature the same soft 100% cotton shell with a Turtleskin® system built into the bottom from the knee down.

Ideal for bird hunting or hiking in the southwest, they give you the light weight and soft outer shell that can keep you safe from not only snakebites, but also from thorns and brush.

No matter what kind of hiking or bird hunting you are doing it is comforting to know that you have the best technology integrated into your snake resistant pants!

Turtleskin® SnakeArmor is waterproof and windproof. We still can't believe how light and durable they are- this makes them ideal for climates that can get warm when hunting quail or chukar or even pheasant!

The patented high strength fabric is breathable, flexible and light, making them perfect for wearing and also packing when you leave the field! Get yours today! Please specify your size and color preference.

Note: Get the proper fit!! Did you know that custom lengths are available for an additional charge? If you do not see your customized length in the above menu please call us at 1-866-388-8863 and we will be happy to help you! Customized lengths are not returnable, and require a few weeks lead time because they are made especially for you!

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