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Can of Oil Finish Wax by Filson

Product Number: FP4350
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Take care of your Filson hunting gear by re-applying the Oil Finish Wax as needed in areas hardest hit by your hunting season. One can will handle this re-application in major stress points. Details instructions are listed below:
These instructions are included in an envelope with every small "sample" can of wax:

"HEAVY-USE AREAS CAN BENEFIT FROM OCCASIONAL TOUCH UPS. Filson's famous "Tin" fabric is actually a special cotton duck woven to our own unique specifications. And it is almost indestructible. Our Oil Finish makes this material highly water repellent and yet very breathable and pliable for long comfortable wear."

"Garments made from this fabric are designed to take years of hard wear in stride. However, under extremely heavy use, critical areas of the garment subject to constant abrasion and continual flexing can lose some of their finish, and therefore some of their water repellency. By giving those areas a little extra protection from time to time with Filson's Original Oil Finish Wax, you can maintain water repellency that's as good as the day you bought the garment. Re-proof as often as necessary."

"1. For best results, re-proof in warm conditions. If in sub freezing temperatures, it may be necessary to stand tin in hot water to soften wax." (Instead of standing the tin in hot water to soften it, use a blow dryer or heat gun to melt the wax until it is nearly liquid and then apply small amounts before it cools. NOTE: Our new softer wax formula does not need to be melted.)

"2. Brush all excess dirt from the area to be treated. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and cold water. WARNING: Use clean cold water only. Do not use soap or detergents."

"3. Apply wax generously with a clean cloth. Use light short circular strokes to work wax well into the affected areas--usually seams, creases, and high flex areas."

"4. Use a hairdryer to blow dry evenly over application for a real "factory" finish. Hang garment overnight in a warm place, away from open flame." (The wax cools and hardens quickly, sometimes leaving a visible smear of cooled wax on the surface. Blow-drying the fabric after application melts any excess wax into the fabric, eliminating the tacky surface.)
Common Uses
Touching up hard wear or flex areas on Oil Finish garments, or complete re-proofing as needed
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