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Nest Bed by Big Shrimpy

Product Numbers: FP6026, FP6026M, FP6026L, FP6026S
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Your pup can spin a few circles in the Nest Bed, feeling cozy and secure inside it's plush walls.

This is our favorite bed because it is functional, rugged, long lasting and planet friendly!

The Nest bed has a plush removable cushion and tough nylon base. Many dog beds seem to go flat- we love Big Shrimpy because they are NOT stingy with the Smartfill™!

What is Smartfill? Smartfill™ is recycled directly from other manufacturers clean waste and is a firm yet comfortable polyester fiber filling. The Nest bed utilizes Big Shrimpy's Smartfill™ and is machine washable and dryable!

Our favorite feature of the Nest bed is that it is reversible- Flip it inside out and your dog can use it twice as long! All components of this dog bed can be machine washed and dried, even the filling!

The unique walled design and generous Smartfill™ provides maximum comfort and insulation for your bird dog. Please choose size and color options.




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