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Pheasant in a Stick 2.5 oz by Conquest Scents

Product Number: FP2088PH
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Conquest Pheasant Scent sticks are what the modern bird dog trainer and hunter needs to accelerate learning for their bird dog. Each scented stick wax based formula is made to last longer through each training session. The wax stick formula prevents spilling or accidental leaks in your shirt pocket or Gun Dog Handlers Vest! Bottled Scents require preservatives. Conquest's stick formula suspends 100% pure unpreserved pheasant scent in each package.


Apply to training dummy
Make a scent trail by applying to drag line or brush

Pheasant Scent 2.5 oz. Stick Features Include:

  • No preservatives
  • Uses 100% natural pheasant oils
  • Wax formula is water, saliva resistant
  • Wax based scents don't wash away in rain or dew like liquid scents.

Video of Conquest Bird Dog Training Scents in Use by David Leiber

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