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Truckvault Standard Day Box

Product Number: FP1200S
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TruckVault has increased production of high quality Day Boxes and other secure storage equipment to meet the demand! The Standard Day Box will fit securely into the standard TruckVault for SUV's and Trucks, TruckVault can also build any custom size you require. Call Northland Dog Supply at 866.388.8863 to find out more on TruckVault Secure Firearm Storage solutions.

Law Enforcement use of Truck vaults and daybox

TruckVault Day Boxes meet or exceed all ATF standards for temporary supervised storage of explosives and detonators.

Standard Day Box Specifications:

Weight: 24 lbs.
Inside Dimensions 12.5" x 6.5" x 3.5"
Outside Dimensions: 16" x 8.625" x 5"
Magnum Day Box and Standard Day Box
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