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What The Dogs Taught Me the book

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Pay attention to your dog and you’ll become a better hunter. At least I think so! I’ve hunted with hundreds of pointers, flushers and retrievers while making Wingshooting USA and on my own hunting adventures and compiled those observations, suggestions, and advice into a new book called “What the Dogs Taught Me” to be published this summer by Skyhorse Publishing of New York.

I’m betting those dogs might teach you something too.

If you own a dog, you should own this book. What the Dogs Taught Me  offers a lighthearted, welcoming, and practical approach that introduces you to the skills, gear, protocol and “dogology” you’ll need to hone your skills or begin your exploration of the uplands. From gun fit to field etiquette, reading bird cover, and how to interact with dogs, guides, and fellow hunters, you’ll be ready for your first (or your next) bird hunt.

Example topics: How dogs think, how you can better communicate with them, how understanding your dog will make you a better shooter. Training shortcuts and better ways to drill your dog, bird hunting advice.  Seasoned uplanders will find insights and semi-secret tips that will make their next trip afield more productive and fun. Beginners will discover insights and observations not contained in other books or videos.

It’s the perfect companion to whatever training book or video you use.

What this book is NOT, is another training workshop full of repetition, rote exercises and boring drills. Most of the ideas are actually better at training dog owners than their dogs! My goal is to shorten your learning curve by two years, turbo-charge you and your dogs’ learning. Think of What the Dogs Taught Me as a season-full of hunting with a good friend who generously shares all his secrets, advice and observations.

If you’ve attended one of my seminars, you’ve had a taste of the subject matter. Forehead-slapping ideas, guides’ tips and unique insights you won’t find in other books or videos. From better shooting to dog training shortcuts … insights into why a dog does what he does, and how to help him help you. Hunting tactics and strategies, and ideas you won’t find in anyone’s books, videos or magazine articles. When you’ve finished the book, you’ll be a better hunter.

Whether you own a Lab, spaniel, or pointing breed, I want to help you become a better bird hunter by reading What the Dogs Taught Me.  Whether you’re a seasoned upland veteran or a newcomer, there’s something for you in this concise and useful book.

Also: hundreds of your Facebook and email questions answered in a special section … plus a whole section of insider tips from pro guides and outfitters, the most comprehensive glossary of dog, hunting and training terms in the world, a list of critical outdoor skills you should master, and the most up-to-date version of the Ultimate Upland Checklist too.

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