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Dokken's DeadFowl Mallard

Product Number: FP2054
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Dokken’s deadfowl trainers were designed by Tom Dokken to teach dogs how to properly hold and carry all game birds. This was achieved by making them hard on both ends with a soft, durable scent-injectable body with a life-like look and feel to make your lab or golden retriever want to work for you!
Dokken's deadfowl trainers have a unique hard free-swinging head. This disciplines unwanted aggressive head shaking by delivering a sharp wrap to the snout of the dog. Even the legs are hard to help your dog learn over time to grab the soft body of this deadfowl mallard. This design is the foundation for all of Dokken’s Deadfowl Trainers. The Deadfowl Mallard-sized trainer will float and can teach your dog to handle a bird of this size. Made in USA.
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