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Harley's 1st bird!

"This is my dog Harley. He was 11 months old when he got his first bird on opening weekend in Wisconsin, on October 19, 2008. We found a picked soybean field that had some lowland, standing grass in it, and we worked our way through that.

About 15 minutes into the hunt, Harley went on point and did not move at all. Once I closed the distance between us, I realized he had two roosters right in front of him and he wasn't going to move. A short time after I got close to him, one of the birds made its exit to the left. I let that bird get out a little bit and then closed the deal on it. Harley retrieved the downed bird and immediately brought it back to me. Let's just say I was really happy with how everything went down and hope to continue our success this coming season in Iowa and South Dakota as well as here in Wisconsin!"

-Jon in New Richmond, Wisconsin

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