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HOT Bird Hunting Gear:

NEW Hunting Brand Q5 shows NEW Strap Vest with Great Features!

q5 Center Fire Quail - Pheasant Strap Vest with backpack and shell bag attached

Q5 Outdoor Products LLC are bringing products that are well thought out for hunters across America. The Q5 Centerfire Strap Vest is an example of a product that exceeds the needs of the Quail and Pheasant Hunter on some days yet provides exactly what you need on other days. With a removable backpack and shell bag, pouches for water, lumbar support and perfectly sized storage pockets for all the equipment hunters need this strap vest is perfect for any day hunting. Made in the USA.

The REAL bonus is when you purchase this strap vest, you will be helping a child experience camping and the great outdoors. A percentage of the proceeds go to Arizona Outdoor Adventures, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthy outdoor activities for underprivileged children. Seriously consider this strap vest for all it gives you in the field and for all it gives to children in Arizona!

Get Browning's Dog Handlers Training Bag:

Browning Dog Handlers Training Bag

Browning IS Quality in the outdoor hunting accessories and dog training supplies industry. Browning supports bird hunters with dog hunting supplies that really do the job and last like this Dog Handler's Bag made to fit bird dog training supplies easily. The Dog Handlers Training Bag is perfectly sized with zippered pockets to hold everything from dog training bumpers to radio collars and transmitters. The meshed back pocket is for wet training dummies and quick access to collars and leads in the field. This dog handlers bag is durable made with pure quality.


Traveling Accessories for Every Hunter:

Conquest Pheasant Scent Roll on Stick for hunting dog training

Truck Vault is innovating secure and convenient gun storage for your vehicle and at home. Check out the QR Vault that is compact and customizable in length. This saves space so works well in compact SUVs. The QR Vault features multiple pistol or rifle mounting points, a quick access sliding ammo drawer, thermal bonded melamine surfaces, full ball bearing extension slides, choice of lighting and locks.

Another new TruckVault offering is the Lift System for Interceptor SUV’s. You can now lift a Standard or Magnum height TruckVault and access the spare tire underneath! That is cool! Northland Dog Supply is your contact for secure gun storage for your hunting trips while on the road and storage at home that keeps the family safe and your valuable guns secure - CALL us at 866.388.8863 to get a quote today or visit our TruckVaults Secure Gun Storage page to find out more on ordering the TruckVault made exclusively for your needs and your vehicle!

Hunting Dog Training:

Conquest Pheasant Scent Roll on Stick for hunting dog training

Conquest Dog Training Scents in easy to use wax roll-on stick. These are 100% scent because this method of delivery does not require preservatives. No more spills just easy to apply pure scent that is waterproof. Northland Dog Supply carries Conquest Training scents that include: Pheasant, Duck, Grouse, Quail and Rabbit. This is a great product!

We continue to expand our full line of hunting and dog training gear regularly, please BOOKMARK us and return often. If you have questions or would like us to get something for you, Please email us at Hunting Dog Supplies.

Dog Organizations we hope you will support:

Chase Away K9 Cancer

As upland bird hunters and dog trainers, we devel op some of the strongest bonds possible with our sporting dogs. This makes it terribly sad and difficult when we find out that our hardest working companions are sick with cancer. It just doesn’t seem right.

Chase away k9 Cancer was founded by Cera Reusser, after she lost her dog “Chase” to the disease. Her organization continues to raise funds and increase awareness for canine cancer and research for a cure. Through the American College of Veterinary Medicine (ACVIM), resources are provided for dog owners whom are struggling with canine cancer.

If you would like to contact Chase Away K9 Cancer please feel free to email us at Northland Dog Supply and we will make sure to point you in the right direction.


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