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TruckVault Shotlock Solo Gun Vault

Safely Store Your Firearm in Your Home or Vehicle with Shotlock Solo Vaults

Proper firearm storage is a top priority for responsible gun owners. However, quick access to secured firearms is essential for protection of yourself and your family. Striking a proper balance between these two is the goal of many gun storage unit manufacturers – a goal which has been met by TruckVault with their Shotlock Solo Vault series.

Whether you need a way to secure your firearm in your home or vehicle, TruckVault has compact and easy to use solutions. All options are built with military grade 14-gauge steel:

Or if you want to store more gear in your truck or SUV:

Quality Made in the USA

Reasons Why You Need a Car Gun Safe

With the proliferation of conceal and carry permissions in the US, more people than ever are carrying firearms for protection. Problems arise for CCW gun owners when they encounter gun-free zones like stadiums, churches, convention centers, and schools, requiring them to leave their handgun in the car. Unfortunately, firearm theft from cars is on the rise, and thieves are often targeting cars parked outside of these gun-free zones. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

Fortunately, you can rest easy as a responsible gun owner by employing a Shotlock car safe by TruckVault to keep your handguns secure and safely stored in your vehicle.  Shotlock’s compact CCW safe is perfect for storing your personal defense weapon securely in your vehicle or home. The rugged steel construction of these cases, alongside push-button combo locks with thousands of combinations will deter would be thieves from stealing your firearm.

Each of TruckVault’s Shotlock products can be mounted behind doors, on walls, or in closets in your home, office or vehicle. CCW models feature slots to run cables for securing around the base of your driver’s seat.  Trust in the security of Shotlock to keep your gun accessible and out of criminals’ hands.

Looking for more car storage options for your firearms? Check out TruckVault’s Day Boxes and Quick-Release Vehicle Rifle Vaults.

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