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Dog Vests, Skid Plates, Field Jackets & Leg Tubes

Dog Vests Are Essential Gear for Your Canine

Man’s best friend transforms into man’s best hunting partner when in the field. More than just another piece of equipment, your hunting dog is capable of retrieving and flushing prey from areas you cannot get to. In order to keep your Spaniel, Setter or Retriever in top condition while on the hunt, it is essential to outfit him with the best equipment.

Northland Dog Supply understands your dog’s needs and carries a wide array of dog hunting vests to protect your greatest hunting resource. With dog vests from quality manufacturers like Filson, Mendota, and featuring products like Rivers Wests Upland Vest and the Browning Upland Dog Vest, Northland Dog Supply has the brands you want and the quality you need to make sure your hunting dog is well seen, warm, and well protected.

Dog Vests for Waterfowl Hunting

Northland Dog Supply is fully aware of the unique challenges hunters face when hunting waterfowl. Hunting dogs face similar challenges and their equipment needs to be able to help them meet those challenges head on, not hinder them.

We carry specialized hunting dog vests like the Browning Neoprene Camouflage Dog Vest and the Dokken Supervest X-Treme to keep wet dogs insulated while they sit on damp boats or in wet blinds.

Hunting Vests are also Man’s Best Friend

Your dog’s protection is important to your hunting success. If you aren’t properly equipped, however, your retriever’s equipment won’t matter much. Northland Dog Supply will outfit man and beast alike, offering exclusive hunting materials like the Q5 Centerfire Upland Bird Vest to make sure you are ready when the moment arrives with your gear close by.

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