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All Things Camo

The BEST of Camo for Hunters Is HERE!

Northland Dog Supply has everything you need to keep you and your hunting dog comfortable and camouflaged this hunting season. We carry top names like Mud River, Browning, Q5 Outdoor Products, and more! Whether you’re looking for strap vests, upland hunting jackets, crate covers, or anything else, we have all the hunting and dog training products you could need for a comfortable, successful season. Stay layered with Wasatch Two-Tone Hoodie in MO Infinity, reversible skull caps that go from blaze orange to Realtree APHD, and hunters coats from brands like Gamehide and Browning, or keep your dog warm and safe with an Dokken Supervest X-Treme.

Stay camouflaged from Southern Louisiana to the Dakotas with a variety of camo designs. Most camo patterns we carry are mossy oak break up patterns, ideal for duck hunting in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and other northern Midwestern states; but mossy oak patterns are effective in the Dakotas, Canada, and other northern regions that ducks tend to favor in the fall. Find all your camo products here.

Camo Products for your Hunting Dog

Your hunting dog is an invaluable resource at the hunting blind. He dives into freezing water so you don’t have to; keep him safe and concealed with camouflage vests, leashes, and crate accessories. Keep your dog safe, hidden, and warm all the way from the Upper Mississippi down to South Louisiana.

Camo Leashes & Vests

Waterfowl have one of the most developed retinas in nature, allowing them to easily spot differences in foliage and spot unnatural shapes. Don’t let a black leash give away your position. A high quality camo leash like our Nylon Advantage Wetlands Camo Lead can help you blend into the environment and stay hidden.

Sharp, jagged roots and snapped limbs may lurk in the marsh waters below, posing a serious threat to your hunting dog. Keep them safe, and warm, with an insulated vest. Available in mossy oak and wetlands camo, vests offer ideal camouflage for your hunting dog in northern states like Wisconsin or Dakota, but can also be useful in the lowland marshes of South Carolina.

Camo Crate Supplies

Keep your hunting dog’s crate comfortable and hidden with crate covers and cushions. Made of thick, weather resistant material to keep your dog warm on nasty days, crate covers are a great way to protect your hunting dog and stay hidden. A crate cushion is essential to keeping your hunting partner comfortable. Give them a soft, warm place to rest and relax on a long day.

Camo Hunting Vests

Keep your hunting gear close with a vest from Centerfire or Gamehide. Seconds matter when you’re hunting, keep ammo, optics, snacks, and anything else important on hand with a versatile pack vest; or keep it simple with a trusted strap vest. Comfortable and durable, a vest is an essential asset in the blind. Available in several camo designs, blend into any environment, whether you’re hunting in the Texas Panhandle or South Carolina!

Camo Hunting Apparel

Northland Dog Supply has a huge selection of camouflage apparel to help you disappear into the reeds. Stay warm in the cold North Dakota fall with a selection of sweaters, coats, and more from brands like Browning, Gamehide, and Grand Passage. Hypothermia and even frostbite can be a serious threat when hunting waterfowl, even in the fall. Stay warm with layers of camo apparel. Don’t let your clothing give away your position, stay hidden! With several designs available, find the perfect camouflage for your area.

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