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Q5 Centerfire Digital Camo Upland Quail or Pheasant Strap Vest

Product Number: FP4220C
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Q5 Centerfire Upland Strap Vest in Digital Camo on a hunt for Gambels Quail in Arizona:

Q5 Centerfire in digital camo strap Vest


The Q5 Centerfire in Digital Camo is a new version of an already well thought out strap vest!

Dan Priest has included a few new features that really stood out to us:  there is additional support strut within game bag - this can hold open the game bag even when many of the pockets are full.

Another unique improvement is the rubberized shoulder overlay which provides ample grip when shouldering your firearm. As always, the beneficial removable backpack, adjustable sternum strap AND removable shell bags, are all a part of this vest.

Need Hydration? Check out our Hunters Hydration options!

Note: While you can put an extra hydration reservoir in the removable backpack, there is a dedicated built in pouch for a hydration bladder within the mesh game bag!

The Q5 Centerfire Strap vest has a generously padded lumbar support which provides excellent weight distribution. One size fits all with the waist belt that adjusts out to approximately 55 inches.

We felt that the shell bags were placed in the right spot- off to the side so they aren't buffeting your legs.

Made in USA
One Size fits Most
Digital Camo

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Features of the Q5 Centerfire Arizona Quail Upland Strap Vest Include:Q5 Outdoor Products, LLC by Made in Arizona's White Mountains USA

  • New! Support Strut Within Game bag
  • New! Rubberized shoulder overlay for better gun grip
  • Convenient hang strap
  • Extra padding for comfort around neck and upper back
  • Removable hydration hose clip
  • 2 adjustable raising/lowering straps to support many body types
  • Removable and velcro secured electronics pouch
  • Innovative and padded adjustable shoulder strapsThe removable daypack now has carrying straps- all you have to decide is what you would like to bring along with you bird hunting!
  • Removable and adjustable sternum strap
  • Inside pouch for water bladder or water bottles
  • Heavy duty velcro/button reinforced mesh for back ventilation
  • Padded lumbar support for extra comfort with heavy loads
  • Specialized belt system with quick adjust cam buckle puts load on hips, frees upper body for unrestricted movement 
  • Large open-air and easy access game bag
  • Removable and velcro & clip secured small backpack with large and small zippered compartment for extra dog water, handgun, camera, etc.
  • 2 storage compartments with large and small zippered sections
  • 2 water-bottle pouches for 24oz bottle (bottles not included)
  • Removable shell bags with heavy duty velcro close flap + large and small zippered compartment
  • Large zippered main compartment for extra storage
  • New Adjustable lashing straps located on the lower half of the front of the daypack to secure a raincoat and other outdoor essentials

Generously padded, fully adjustable lumbar support efficiently distributes the weight of your birds - you'll want to hunt all day!

With the backpack removed, the Q5 Centerfire becomes a training and hunting vest with superior mesh flow through - keeping you both cool and dryThe Q5 Vest is Made in the U.S.A. - in Arizona's White Mountain communities of Eagar/Springerville
Material: CENTERFIRE ORANGE Tough, mid-weight 1000D Cordura Nylon fabric, YKK zippers and easy to grab pulls.

Fitting Recommendations (We recommend that you have someone help you with the first fitting of your Q5 Centerfire Vest):

  1. Loosen all the straps on the centerfire vest.
  2. Put on the vest, set the hip belt where comfortable, and tighten the buckle.
  3. Now just tighten the 3 straps on the back, shoulder straps and sternum strap to comfort.
  4. The sternum strap is adjustable to sit further up or down the chest.
  5. In time, as you have adjusted the vest to a permanent fit, you can adjust some of the overlength straps by cutting and applying a flame on the ends to prevent fraying.

"It's a unique feature when a Bird vest can be configured in almost any way. During hot days we like to remove the backpack. Doing this, we turn our hunting vest into a perfect mesh vest for training our dogs, or simply chukkar or early grouse hunting." - Luke Huberty
Northland Dog Supply Founder.

Cleaning Instructions:
Soil may be removed with spray cleaner or detergent and water. Avoid chlorine or bleach based cleaners.
Hand wash with mild detergent (ie: woolite, or even dawn dishwashing liquid) rinse well and air dry.
NEVER put products in dryer as this will compromise the backing on the fabric.
The velcro can be easily cleaned using a dry toothbrush.

More Information on Q5? When you purchase this vest, you are helping a child experience camping and the great outdoors. A percentage of the proceeds go to Arizona Outdoor Adventures, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthy outdoor activities for underprivileged children.

As a note regarding the continual evolution of the Q5 Centerfire Camo Vest- the updated straps have a rubberized quilted overlay which grips your gun nicely when it is shouldered. We have noted that the shoulder straps are not unnecessarily thick or overly-padded- the construction is just right for warm or cool days. Quilt-Stitched shoulder straps have a rubberized overlay material designed to provide a better grip for your gun
Close up of New rigid support strut can be used to keep your game bag open if desired A unique feature is that the support strut can be folded out of the way when not in use

The support strut or spacer is an ideal way to keep the game bag open- even when the pockets are filled with your hunting gear.

The spacer in the game bag effectively holds the game bag open, so you can easily drop birds inside- without having to search for the opening.

When the game bag is open it not only makes it easier to put birds in, but it could also allow birds (or training bumpers) to cool and properly air out until you get back to your truck.

The versatility of the Q5 Centerfire is that you have options! The option with this camo vest is that you can tuck the spacer away when you dont want to have the game bag held open. Every hunt is different!

Ample side pockets attached to game bag are deeper than a box of shells, side zippers provide secure storage for your choke tube wrench or car keys Q5 interior view of bird bag, and hydration reservoir pocket. Snap strap provides support for hydration
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