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Turtleskin SnakeArmor Below the Knee Chaps

Product Number: FP4061
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Turtleskin® SnakeArmor are ideal chaps that give you the best of all worlds! These chaps give you Snake protection below the knee!! (If you require protection for your full leg, take a look at Turtleskin® Snakearmor Total Protection Chaps !)

The below the knee chap gives you better economy than Total Protection Chaps with the Turtleskin® SnakeArmor you have come to rely on! Ideal for bird hunting or hiking in the southwest, they give you the light weight and soft outer shell that can keep you safe from not only snakebites, but thorns and brush.

I always feel like the area between my ankle and knee is most vulnerable until I get these guys fastened on! The chaps have been through testing with actual live snakes!! No snakes were harmed- only humiliated!

Turtleskin® SnakeArmor is waterproof and windproof. We still can't believe how light and durable they are- this makes them ideal for climates that can get warm when hunting quail or chukar or even pheasant!

The patented high strength fabric is breathable, flexible and light, making them perfect for wearing and also packing when you leave the field! Get yours today! Please specify your size and color preference.

Note on choosing a size: Choose Short if you are 5'7 or under. Choose Regular if you are 5'8 - 6'0. Choose Long if you are 6'1 and up.


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