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Barrel Weasel Gun Cleaning Tool 12 or 20 Gauge

Product Numbers: FP6014, FP-6014-20, FP-6014-12
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Keeping your bird-hunting shotgun clean with Browning's Barrel Weasel will help make it as reliable as your bird dog on your hunt!

With 160 times more surface area than a cleaning patch, the Barrel Weasel™ has built in bronze bristles to remove tough deposits!! This helps make the job of cleaning your shotgun fast and painless, so you can quickly get back to your bird hunting or sporting clays endeavors!!

The Barrel Weasel™ is a tough shotgun cleaning tool that is both washable and reusable. The soft and flexible cord wipes away deposits while allowing you to follow the bore in the proper manner as you clean your shotgun. Constructed from durable nylon cord.

Please select 12 or 20 Gauge.

Barrel Weasel™ Instructions for Use:

  1. Always consult your firearm's owner's manual before cleaning your gun.
  2. Make sure the firearm is unloaded and the barrel is pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Drop the brass-weighted cord through the action or ejection port of the firearm.
  4. When the brass-weighted cord emerges from the barrel, grasp the cord and pull it SLOWLY through the bore.
  5. Repeat this operation until the bore is clean. If necessary, apply a few drops of non-acidic bore solvent to loosen deposits.

Note: Use Barrel Weasel™ only on the gauges recommended.

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