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Mendota Command Collar

Product Numbers: FP3045, FP3045C-20, FP3045C-22, FP3045C-24, FP3045C-26, FP3045G-16, FP3045G-18, FP3045O-26, FP3045B-16, FP3045B-18, FP3045B-20, FP3045B-22, FP3045B-24, FP3045G-26, FP3045O-16, FP3045O-18, FP3045O-20, FP3045O-22, FP3045O-24, FP3045G-20, FP3045G-22, FP3045G-24, FP3045B-26, FP3045C-16, FP3045C-18
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The Mendota Command Slip Collar is a gentler hunting dog training collar alternative to traditional choke chains. The Command Collar is strong enough to provide correction yet soft enough to be comfortable. The command braided collar minimizes snagging you may get with longer haired dogs such as setters and golden retrievers!

Note that slip-collars and Mendota Command Collars are for use in dog training only and should never be left on a dog that is unattended.

Available Colors: Black, Camo, Green or Upland Orange

Available Sizes: 16" up to  26"

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