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Dressing for the Hunt

No matter what you’re hunting, you need the right gear for the job. You need to dress for the occasion at hand; that means different camo patterns, cold weather gear, the right socks and more. The right gear can mean the difference between a trophy buck and an empty fridge, but it could also mean the difference between life and death.

Northland Dog Supply has all the gear you need for your next hunt. From the hunters essentials to dog tracking gear, we’ll make sure you stay comfortable and safe.

Hunting dog chest protection, hunting jackets and hats, gloves and vests Mossy Oak Camo Jackets

Camo Hunting Gear

Camouflage patterns have become incredibly sophisticated in the last few years, with photo realism quickly becoming the norm. But animals can easily spot clashing patterns and movement, which is why Northland Dog Supply carries several camo patterns for you and your hunting dog.

The right camouflage pattern can help you hide in plain sight, and let you bag that trophy buck. While some camo patterns are better than others, there is no perfect camouflage. Northland Dog Supply carries woodland camo patterns suited for bird hunting in Wisconsin and most northern territory, but also has a selection of wetlands patterns, ideal for duck hunting in the Dakotas.

Picking the right camo pattern isn’t easy, but we made it easier with this simple camo guide.  Or, check out this incredibly detailed guide from Bowhunting Magazine. No matter what camo pattern you choose, don’t forget to wear something orange!

Understanding your Hunt’s Eyesight

A working knowledge of your quarry’s visual capabilities can give you a leg up in the field. As a predator, human eyes have been optimized to focus very precisely on one point, but this is not the case when it comes to most trophy animals. When choosing camouflage and hides, it is important to understand your hunt’s eyesight so you can stay hidden.

Animals like deer and waterfowl have very different eyesight characteristics from humans. Deer, for example, have relatively poor visual acuity but are able to focus their vision on most of the horizon at once. As a result, whitetail deer don’t need to move their eyes to focus on an object in their periphery.

This may account for their characteristically fast reaction times. However, because the eyes are angled further on the side of the deer head, they have trouble with depth perception unless they are looking at something straight on.

Waterfowl can adjust the curvature of their lenses and corneas to give them excellent focus at a distance. It is estimated that ducks can see up to three times as far as humans, making eyesight their most powerful sense. An abundance of cone structures in their retina gives them hyper sensitivity to UV light and reflections  and are incredibly adept at distinguishing movement in the brush.

Picking the right camo pattern isn’t easy, but we made it easier with this simple camo guide. Or, check out this incredibly detailed camo guide from Bowhunting Magazine. No matter what camo pattern you choose, don’t forget to wear something orange!

Stay Warm During the Hunt

Your quarry might have fur or feathers to keep warm, but you don’t. As temperatures drop staying warm is essential to your performance, and even your survival. Finding the balance between layers of warm clothes and mobility is key. The choice is ultimately up to you and we have the selection for you to get started.

Browning Fleece, Hoodies, NTS base layers & Long Sleeve Ts

Dressing in layers is a great way to insulate heat, and gives you the opportunity to stay cool if things start to heat up. You can’t go wrong with a long sleeve shirt like the Browning NFS Upland Shirt that is Blaze & Tan and a sweater like the Browning Wool Knit, Full Zip Uland Sweater as your first layer, you’ll stay insulated and comfortable all day.

Most hunters usually opt for a jacket next, and a classic hunting jacket is usually a good bet. If you’re hunting waterfowl or other birds a vest is always an excellent choice. However, you may need to make a decision between a strap vest and a pack vest.

Don’t forget to keep your legs warm!

Be sure to pack long underwear and warm pants. If you’re hunting waterfowl in thick brush chaps or gaiters are essential accessories. You don’t want to rip up your best pair of long underwear or hunting pants.

Buy snake proof gaiters, briar proof chaps and heavy duty pants

.... very Important Extremities Stay Protected with Northland Dog Supply Gear

Most body heat is lost through the head, hands, and feet. Just like your mother taught you, wear a hat and gloves unless you want to catch a cold. We shouldn’t have to remind you to wear warm socks, but you won't need to double your socks with our selection of Darn Tough cushion socks but you may want to buy two pairs or three for a gift to your hunting partner!

Darn Tough Vermont Hunting Socks

You might be at the top of the food chain, but Mother Nature will remind you she’s in charge pretty fast if you’re not dressed warm enough. Hypothermia can set in after only 30 minutes, so always dress for the occasion, and plan for the worst.

Hunting Dog Hunt Accessories & Tracking Equipment

Deluxe dog boots that stay on, blaze orange

Your hunting dog should be "dressed" properly too.

Start with your dogs feet. Know the terrain and check the temperatures to be sure your partner will be stay strong and fast all day with our "Best on the Market" hunting dog boots dog boots. Our deluxe dog boots are the best on the market for hunting dogs of all sizes. These boots are made for hunting dogs to keep them working the entire day for a great hunt!

Garmin is the best name in GPS and tracking technology

Check out our Dog Vests & skid plates. We have all the styles you need for visibility or warmth or protection. Choose the blaze Orange skid plate to protect your German Shorthairs chest in brush and thickets and keeping her visible in the thick brush. We carry products from Dokken, Gamehide. Mendota, Filson and of course, from Browning.

Your hunting dog may track your quarry, but you need to track your hunting dog. He’s more than an asset in the blind, he’s family. With the right collar you can track as many as twenty dogs at a time and pinpoint their exact location with GPS, or even send directional commands. Northland Dog Supply carries top brands like SportDOG, Dogtra, Garmin and Tri-Tronics.Finding the right collar can be difficult, so we made a simple guide  to help you decide what you need.

Don’t Forget the Essentials for a Great Hunting Day

Fortune favors the prepared. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, Mother Nature has a habit of reminding you she’s in charge. Stay prepared with these hunters essentials.

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