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Essential Gear for Every Hunt

Whether you’re at the office, or in a blind, it pays to be prepared. The following items may seem obvious, but they could save your life. You never know what could happen in the wilderness.

Hydration for every need including your hunting dog


Dehydration is a serious risk with almost every activity. Walking in the woods in the cold or warm can sap the water needed to keep you sharp and energized. Sure, water might be bulky, and might slosh around, but it also might save your life. Staying hydrated might be the most important thing you remember while hunting. Don’t forget your best hunter friend either. Be sure to bring water for your hunting dog and a food bowl for them too. Northland Dog Supply carries products that will keep you and your hunting dog hydrated on your next hunt. Hydrate or die.

Blend In, Just Not Too Much

Hunting accidents are no joke. While firearm related injuries are on the decline according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, hunting can still be dangerous. According to the WI DNR, 2 of Wisconsin’s 26 hunting injuries were fatalities in 2011. That’s too many. Hunters can lower the risk of accidents by simply wearing one thing: ORANGE. Bright and easy to spot, orange is internationally recognized as a signal for "DON'T SHOOT."

There’s plenty of options to choose from. Whether you need a bird hunting vest, a classic upland jacket, a hunting shirt, or even a Blaze Orange hat, we have the coices for keeping you visible in the woods. Hunting without orange markings is dangerous and irresponsible. Blend in, just not too much.

TruckVault gun storage systems carries the essentials securely

Pack and Carry

No matter what you hunt it helps to keep your gear close b y. Be sure to select what you need in the field with proper straps so won’t hurt your back. Whether you’re hunting mallards in South Carolina or Whitetail in Wisconsin, a Cargo Carrier and Gun Travel systems are a great resource.

Vests are useful as well. Choosing between pack vests and strap vests is ultimately a personal preference. Do you want your gear to hang out of the way, or do you want it on hand? The choice is yours, shop our selection to get exactly what you need for your hunting excursions.

Know Where You Are

You could be freezing, you could be starving, and you could be injured, but in the wilderness the last thing you want to be is lost. Always pack a map of the area and a compass, even if you have a GPS. A GPS may seem expensive, but it could save your life; consider it an investment. You can even get a GPS collars for your hunting dog, and track him while he tracks your quarry. Don’t go anywhere without letting someone know where you’ll be and when you plan on getting back.

Knives and Game Shears

Knives, multi-tools, and game shears are invaluable in the field, no matter where you are. Knives have countless uses, and we don’t have a large enough bandwidth to make a list that long. Get a knife, plain and simple. Multi-tools are versatile and dependable. The SOL Origin is the best for keeping you safe in the outdoors with versatility for most every situation - keep one in your pocket! We don’t have the time to list every reason why, so just trust us.

Game shears are equally valuable. By skinning your game quickly you reduce the spread of fleas and other disease carrying insects.


Flashlights let you find your way home, and even signal for help. A flashlight might be your only defense from the slowly encroaching darkness. Don’t forget to bring a spare set of batteries either.

First Aid

There are countless ways to injure yourself in the wilderness. Scrapes, bruises, a sprained ankle, a blister, a broken leg from a fall, or an infected wound could prevent you from making it home. Stay prepared by packing a first aid kit. Even a simple one with Neosporin and bandages could save your life in the event of an injury.

Whitetail First Aid Kit stocked with supplies

Basic Survival Tools - Not All Hunts are the Same

A knife, a flashlight, a map, a compass, a first aid kit, some matches or a lighter, some food, and some rope might save your life. Bring basic survival tools with you no matter where you hunt. Be prepared to spend more time than you planned in the wilderness, you never know what could happen.

Make sure you have the right gear for your hunt. Be sure to dress warm, wear the right gear, and blend in with the right foliage. When you are prepared you can really enjoy the hunt and be confident when something does not go as expected so you and your hunting group get home in time for dinner!

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